Sunday, February 1, 2009

What is going on?

Hi there,
here is an update for a show I am involved in. 

I just sent out my "Sketchbook Project 3" submission to the ART HOUSE Coop in Atlanta. It is my first submission to them and I am very excited about it.
The topic is: Everyone we know! – and I took this to a global level, I asked friends and family around the world to send me their name, age, city and country, as well as first names of people they know. In gave everybody who responded a spread in my sketchbook, which I designed. Have a look at one of my pages from René + Heike

My goal in this project is to show that we are one world and we need to respect each other, we just need to be open minded ... there are so many different people around the world and with all this technology, which brings us closer and closer together ... be nice to each other!

Yes we can!!!!

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