Sunday, June 27, 2010

::: Soccer again :::

Hi there,
today plays Germany against England ... GO Germany ... I hope they win - so this was totally unrelated to my art and printmaking. Soon more about being creative!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

::: I am back :::

Hi guys, I am back, I took a little time-out and now I am starting again to create. I just sent in my prints to the Art House Coop print exchange. The topic was "Let's have fun", and I just made it in time for the cut-off date. I like to do at least one print exchange per year, mainly to see what people do all over the country/world. It is mostly good stuff ... and I get also some inspiration from it.
Otherwise I entered prints into three competitions, one was in Christchurch, New Zealand and like before I didn't get in, the other one is still open, the Pacific Rim in Hilo, Hawaii ... I don't have high hopes for that either, but if I don't try I will never know. And the third one was the "Footprint" competition in Norwalk, CT, and I was rejected there too. Sometimes I get frustrated with those ways of exposure, we all know that the juror is maybe seeing your work for a few seconds or even less and judges your work. Can the juror really decide in such a short time which work is right for the show or not. I still hope they can. But the thing is, sometimes, when I later see the work which made it, very often I ask myself, what disqualified my work here? I try to be objective and look at all the work with an outsiders eye and try to find out the reasons. - That is not always easy to see and understand.
Nevertheless I will still enter competitions and hope for the best and a breakthrough.
All right my friends, I will go back to watch the worldcup soccer game USA against Ghana ... go USA!