Thursday, July 22, 2010

::: The heat continues :::

Hi there, it is hot here in NYC, very hot. We have the heat wave now already for a couple of weeks. Everybody sweats and the power bill is rising to astronomical heights, just to stay cool. - Well, what can I say, it is summer. - Monday was my last day before the summer break to monitor at the Manhattan Graphics Center, now I have 1,5 month time to work at the studio without anybody around. That is what it is all about, the reward sitting every Monday for 4 hours at the MGC. This is the best time, this is when the fun starts and I can go whenever I have time to work on my prints. Great.
I am still trying to figure out what topic I am going to work on. I can still go on with my trees, but I would like to include other elements as well as more color. I think I will continue with images like you see here on my blog in the side bar (the 2 color/plate print). Sooooooo, keep coming back and I will keep you posted.

Stay cool!!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

::: Another try :::

Hi there, first of all, Germany lost against Spain ... oh noooo! That's life. -
You saw my headline, ... yes ... I try it again and I sent out my work to be judged, this time to Roxbury, NY. I had a solo show in 2007 in the Roxbury Arts Center, and they asked people who had a show there to send in work. The shows are for 2011 and at the end of the month their curator will go through all the submissions and decide who is a lucky one! Cross your fingers for me, I would love to have another show there.

I will keep you all posted.

Friday, July 2, 2010

::: July is here :::

Hi there, happy 4th of July to everybody. And after a week of very comfortable weather the weather forecast tells us that we will have the heat back. - But nevertheless, today I've got my "SASE" letter back from the Hawaii competition ... and ... rejected. Oh boy this year is not very successful for me. Last year I was excepted three out of four times, and it felt great. There is a lot about the psyche and, I have to admit, the ego too. Everybody likes to be acknowledged and appreciated, so all these rejections don't help to feel good. But I am a "tough guy" and I will not stop reaching for the "stars" .. how is that for a build up?!
So, tomorrow is the next soccer game, Germany against Argentina ... GO GERMANY!!!
See you later, and kick the ball.