Saturday, June 26, 2010

::: I am back :::

Hi guys, I am back, I took a little time-out and now I am starting again to create. I just sent in my prints to the Art House Coop print exchange. The topic was "Let's have fun", and I just made it in time for the cut-off date. I like to do at least one print exchange per year, mainly to see what people do all over the country/world. It is mostly good stuff ... and I get also some inspiration from it.
Otherwise I entered prints into three competitions, one was in Christchurch, New Zealand and like before I didn't get in, the other one is still open, the Pacific Rim in Hilo, Hawaii ... I don't have high hopes for that either, but if I don't try I will never know. And the third one was the "Footprint" competition in Norwalk, CT, and I was rejected there too. Sometimes I get frustrated with those ways of exposure, we all know that the juror is maybe seeing your work for a few seconds or even less and judges your work. Can the juror really decide in such a short time which work is right for the show or not. I still hope they can. But the thing is, sometimes, when I later see the work which made it, very often I ask myself, what disqualified my work here? I try to be objective and look at all the work with an outsiders eye and try to find out the reasons. - That is not always easy to see and understand.
Nevertheless I will still enter competitions and hope for the best and a breakthrough.
All right my friends, I will go back to watch the worldcup soccer game USA against Ghana ... go USA!


  1. Hi Matthias yes know the feeling of not being selected and so its good when you do get selected.
    I just got included in the Bimpe miniprint. Not really my favorite activity i.e., making miniature prints BUT they do produce a printed catalog as part of the event which I like.
    And you did recently have that solo exhibition which is'nt all that bad.

    best wishes


  2. Hi Aine, you are absolutely right, I am very happy about my solo show. I put so much effort into the show and had such great response, so I hoped my work would also be selected for other shows ... but it didn't ... back to reality.
    Thank you for your nice comment!!!!

    All the best to you

  3. Hi Matthias,
    I got one of your prints in the exchange today. Thanks, I really like it a lot.