Sunday, March 14, 2010

::: Great productive weekend :::

Ohhhhh guys, what a weekend, the weather was terrible. Rain, rain and more rain mixed with strong wind. This was the right weekend to create create create! I've got a lot accomplished, 2 new prints for my show and I did print some of the plates on fabric, and it looks great! It is going to be a beautiful installation on the main wall. Exciting!


  1. Hey Matthias, I'm glad I found this link from the Graphics Center. I wasn't sure of the date for the reception for your show and would love to attend. That drypoint from Feb 7 is beautiful, I love it. hope to se you soon, keep up the good work.
    Bob Vizzini

  2. Hi Matthia....well...I'd love to come to your show.... alas.... but wish you the best of luck... and love the prints, be sure to post some photos of the show!! Mariann

  3. posted your invite on my blog..... :o), the prints looks stunning, absolutely stunning!

  4. Hi Mathias I'd like to see these results on the canvas as well as doing the whole process is very interesting as a means of reproduction and installation
    How good rain to find a reason to work. I love the rain, whenever I get wet and cold to me