Friday, June 5, 2009

Norwalk, CT - Miniprint 2009 opening

Hi hi, last week I went to Norwalk, CT to see the opening of the Miniprint 2009 show at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. The whole day it was raining and not to inviting. But when I arrived at the show, everything changed. What a beautiful show and presentation.
I am one of the lucky one to be included in the show (with one of my tree trunk aquatints) and I was in great company.
All prints were hung in a height of 5 feet like a border around the rooms ... and all had matting. They did a beautiful job. Also it was nice to see what people can fit on a 4 square inch print ... amazing. You should go to their web site and see the show ... or take a day trip to Norwalk!

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