Sunday, April 26, 2009

Printmaking Updates

Yesterday I went to visit Viviana, my gallerist, in Delhi, NY, and she chose 12 of my etchings to be included in her Gallery ( It was a very successful visit for me. She is a great person and so supporting, even in this difficult economic times, when people need longer to buy art or they don't even buy art. Money is tight, for the collectors as well as for the artists. Viviana will show the etchings unframed and unmatted to keep the price down - again, for the collector as well as for the artist.
What else is going on ... I am taking part in another print exchange, the exchange. I look forward to that. The dead line is May 15th, and I already which print I will send to them, ... I just have to print it 15 times!
Next project is the exchange ... the topic is "DANGER" and finally I have the imagery in my head and I can start working on the plate, luckily I have a bit more time for that.
You see, I am taking part on a couple of exchanges, first it seems to be a good exposure, because the prints go to different places to be shown (what is always good ... and you never know, the right person sees the show and who knows what comes out of it!), and also I see what people do in other places (sometimes around the globe).

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